Hello everyone,


A warm welcome to our website. We are starting anew and returning to the roots of our origin, the cultivation of unique mutations of the cannabis plant. Our goal is to alter the appearance of cannabis plants to make them resemble valuable ornamental plants. We prioritize not only the quality of the flowers but also the yields. Our plants are intended to seamlessly fit into flower beds, balcony boxes, or window sills, replacing conventional ornamental plants. Additionally, we offer a good harvest and a special selection of buds that are not available elsewhere. Since 1998, we have been breeding mutations known for their robustness and uniqueness. Our strains have been developed under natural conditions and exhibit resistance to mildew, spider mites, caterpillars, and mold. Natural selection has repeatedly put our breeding to the test, allowing only the hardiest mutations to survive. Sometimes, genetic diversity has diminished, leaving only a few seeds behind. The years of selection have consistently created better plants, and the essence of each generation constantly evolves. Information about weather, climate, light, pests, and much more is stored in the genetics, and the next generations are better prepared for climate change and shifting climatic conditions. Therefore, it is important to us that we obtain and offer a new generation of the best mutations for propagation every year.


For this reason, we are also looking for breeders interested in preserving and adapting genetics to different climate zones.